5 Tips for Successful Hair Extension Marketing

Our guide is made for hairstylists. With this article, they won’t have to stress themselves
anymore. We can give you some wonderful ideas on expanding your business after the
lockdown ends. So, just relax, take a sip of that morning coffee and keep scrolling for everything you need to know. Using these tips, your business will grow and so will your bank account! Let’s get started!








Get Online Education
Now you might be wondering what kind of tip is that? Just hold on and listen. As a hairstylist, you shouldn’t waste a second. Just open your laptops and get some
really good online education about hair extensions. Learn about the new types of hair
extensions and their application. You can understand how to expand your services with
hair extensions and bring additional revenue. It is very easy to learn hair extensions and
we from DreamCatchers provide the best hair extensions education available in an
online video series that you can watch from the comfort of your home. 









You have a fantastic business already and you are doing quality work. You know so
much, but you somehow have less revenue than competitors for whatever reason. In
that case, certifications allow you to tell the story of your products (in our case hair
extensions) and draw more customers. Maybe it will take some time for taking effect, but you won’t be disappointed at all.


Hear me out:
Getting certified will not only increase your knowledge but also add a certificate to your
CV and you can attach it in your salon for your guests to see. Now is the perfect time to
expand your services and learn a new skill that will increase your revenue. Don’t let this
opportunity slip out of your hands. Get registered as soon as possible. (link to get
certified). While some universities will charge tons of money for providing certifications,
with DreamCatchers you can get quality education, a tool kit worth more than $1000 for practice and color matching and tips and ideas on how to get your first hair extensions
guests. Not to mention we advertise in magazines all over the US and women call our direct line 855-THE SALON to find a Certified DreamCatchers stylist near them, that can be you :-)

Isn’t it amazing? Get certified with DreamCatchers in order to expand your services easily.










Find the Best Hair Extensions Provider
Hair extensions were not a thing a few years back. But now, you won’t believe that 90%
of the celebrities, influencers and public figures use Remy hair extensions. And of
course, their fans will follow them (there is a reason we call it fan following!). So, the
point is that hair extensions have much more scope than you realize.

There are hundreds of brands providing hair extensions. You can buy some cheap clip-
ins or go to a professional hair extensions stylist, but consider a few important factors
before you choose the right ones for you (as a stylist or a customer):
● Low-quality hair extensions can damage your natural hair
● Cheap (not Remy) hair extensions shed a lot more and look unnatural
● Buying from untrusted brands is risky as you don’t really know where the hair
comes from, how it is processed, bleached or if it is ethically sourced
● Quality hair has its cuticles intact, is minimally processed and does not damage
your natural hair
● Having your extensions properly installed by a certified professional guarantees
quality hair and long-lasting wear
● Well-established brands like DreamCatchers have years of experience sourcing the best hair available, educating stylists on how to properly install extensions
and tons of happy clients to show for.









Make Official Web Pages
You might as well be aware of the fact that nowadays almost every other individual is on
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. There is so much potential in spreading the
word of your services on online platforms. If you have free time on your hands, utilize it
by making an official web page for your professional hair salon.

Include the type of services you provide including the type of hair extensions. You can
post different pictures of natural-looking hair extensions found in your salon to impress
the audience. Advertise your web page as much as you can and get a big fan following.
You can put the cherry on the cake by sharing the guests’ feedbacks to your followers.








Expanding Some Services

As discussed before, your main focus should be the expansion of the services you offer.
If you only do regular haircuts and hairstyles expanding to hair extensions can bring you
so many new guests. There are so many looks you can achieve using hair extensions it
is mindblowing. Trust me you won’t regret it! There are a lot of people with different
types, lengths and textures of hair. All these require different types of Remy hair
extensions. You can take advantage of this thing and order more variety of extensions or
keep some funky colors available to add some crazy style to some hairstyles without
having to dye your guests’ natural hair. See some of the awesome looks achieved with





Slay your Display
Make your display pop and attract customers like crazy!
Ø Make the display as catchy as possible. You can display some very natural
and eye-catching hair-extensions that the ladies would love to try.
Ø Keep your display nice and clean. By nice and clean, we mean dusting off
products or replacing them with new ones if they have been on the shelves for a
Ø Hang counter displays explaining your services with small tag lines. You can
also show the types of hair extensions you offer as well as your Certificate.
Moreover, you can spark a conversation with the client about why the particular
kind of hair extension is the salon’s favorite.


Always have your business card ready. If you haven’t made your business card yet,
don’t waste any more time and give an order to the closest printing press you see.
You won't just give the cards to your current customers, but you'll also give it to locals at some party or coffee shop. This can create a reference base and can even provide you with discounts for referrals.

Keep the text on the card very concise, but if you add the type of hair extensions you
offer, that will be great. You don’t have to explain your services. You can give the cards
to everyone you know during the lockdown. And when the lockdown ends, don’t be
surprised if you see a bunch of people standing in a queue outside your professional hair salon.